Top Digital Marketers to follow on Twitter

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We always look to know more about SEO, SMO, email marketing, Google Adwords etc… The online marketing industry is full of marketers who speak always about something that will help us improve our skills and experience.

There are so many people who give advices, the question is to know who we should really listen to and follow. Thus, it is important to find the best leaders or entrepreneurs who will really help and give the good ideas that are really going to improve our skills and make a difference.

I am myself always looking to get some new information because I always need to stay tuned with online marketing industry. This is why I encounter the same problem: who to trust, who to believe, who should I hear out and follow.

Today i m going to share some of the best leader names and their social profiles. I personaly follow and you might start to do as well if you are not yet one of their followers:

Matt Cutts: @mattcutts
Google’s “Head of web spam team” with 331,036 followers


Matt Cutts is not a marketing person himself. He is the head of web spam team at Google. He fights the companies or individuals who try to use different spam techniques to get higher ranking on Google search engine result page. Of course, he speaks about SEO and what is allowed by Google to improve ranking. This literally means what is effective and safe to bring websites to the top. Therefore, I would highly recommend following him on twitter.

Rand Fishkin: @randfish
Founder of Moz with 162,480 followers

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is founder of MOZ. Until last year, MOZ was SEO MOZ. SEO MOZ was one of the most successful SEO firms. They offer a real proofed knowledge around SEO with software and tools to help experts and SEO companies improve website ranking, from basic techniques to tracking.

Rand always speaks and shares his ideas. He offers outstanding videos once a week and they are available through MOZ website or his profile. He is a real source of very helpful information to improve website performance, both ranking and traffic.

Neil Patel: @neilpatel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISS metrics with 110,789 followers

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the top 10 online marketers according to Forbes. He is simply great. He always shares his ideas on his blog Quicksprout. He is probably a very busy person but new posts are always coming. Each week are coming new ideas and tricks that will help you improve your marketing plan, ranking, traffic, sales. You should really follow him on twitter to be aware of his new posts.

Danny Sullivan: @dannysullivan
Founding Editor, @MarketingLand & @SearchEngineLand with 375,912 followers

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan is one of the most well known people in the industry of SEO. He is helping from years webmasters by sharing his ideas and explaining how work search engines. Every Tweet is going to give you a new idea and improve your thinking about search engines. Check his latest tweets and be sure to get the latest information and advices about online marketing.

Vanessa Fox: @vanessafox
Vanessa Fox Consultant, blogger, Author with 38,512 followers

Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox is a blogger, author and search engine consultant. She wrote a book “Marketing in the Age of Google”. She is known as one of the “Top 100 Seattle Women in Seattle Tech“. She always writes posts about the SEO industry and gives a practical insight over Google.

Brian Clark: @brianclark
Brian Clark is the founder of copy blogger with 161,985 followers.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark is a great writer and this is why his blog is both really very informational about SEO industry & SMO, content marketing etc and very enjoyable… He definitively belong to the must-follow group if you want to get latest updates and tips about SEO, SMO, content marketing.

If you have some more ideas and profiles of other top online marketer then please let me know and i will add them in my list.

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How to get ranking in 2014?

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As we all know Google keeps updating algorithm and the old SEO techniques are not helping any longer. In the old days, we were just focusing on creating backlinks and it was enough to get higher ranking in Google. Today, it is really different and the SEO work needs to target the website more broadly to improve its ranking.

Together, what should we do and how should we do it? Firstly I would say to focus on the ON page optimization for each website and do it very carefully. This means creating meta tags, alt tags, heading tags, interlinking etc. They are very important factors to improve a website ranking. After the ON page optimization, of course comes the OFF page optimization. A great care must be placed in the quality of the backlinks. They must come from good websites, i.e. whose content is not duplicate and is valuable.

Where should we focus on while optimizing a website?
1. Keyword Research: The keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. The keywords have to be selected smartly. They must not be too broad andthe safest option is to try selecting keywords that are less competitive. While keywords with too much competition are bad, keywords no one searches for are bad as well. You still want to be able to generate a large amount of traffic.

ON Page

2. Creating Title & Description Tags: Creating meta tags i.e. title and description Tags for each page is a tough job. You must think twice before creating it. Before starting creating tags, you must have your list of keywords and attribute each of them to a specific page. Look carefully to know which keywordis best suited suitable which page. While doing this, you must not forget to distribute the keywords on the pages:The keywords with high competition first and the keywords with low competition last. Finally, while creating meta tags remember they must be unique for each page. Keep each keyword to one specific page and do not put the same keyword on another page.

3. Optimizing Heading Tags: Heading tags really help to improve the website ranking. They help focus on the keywords that are the most valuable i.e. able to drive more traffic on the page. They are different headings to use (H1, H2, H3) according to the keywords. Try to promote the page with 3 to 5 keywords. According to the keyword search, you already know which keyword is going to drive more traffic. Thus, you must use H1 for the top keyword of the page and H2 & H3 for the other keywords. Remember each page must have only a single H1 tag. In contrast with a H1 tag, H2 and H3tags can be used several times in the page.

4. Content Optimization: Today content is king in SEO. It means that any content will not do the trick and improve the website ranking. The content must be unique content on each page and it must be well written i.e. without spelling or grammar mistakes. I am talking based on my experience here; each time I updated the content of a page, the page moved up. Of course, the content must match the page and use the top targeted keywords. Do not hesitate to use Strong tagson some keywords to emphasize them.

5. Internal Linking: Internal linking indicates to search engines which pages of the website are more valuable and of course it helps improving its ranking. Additionally, It helps the visitors to navigate from one page to another easily. You must use a top keyword of the page linked as a hyperlink on the linking page to help increase the ranking of the linked page. Remember to do internal linking carefully. The keywords and linked pages must be relevant otherwise it is going to harm your website. Avoid doing too many internal links on one single page; stick to 3 links (or less)on a single page.

6. Image Optimization (Alt Tag Optimization): Having alt tags for the targeted keywords help to getting higher ranking. It also helps to get images ranked in the image search. Together, with correct names or keywords,not only you can help increasingthe website ranking but you can gain traffic from the images.

7. URL Structure Optimization: The URL structure is important to get ranked in search engines and URL structure optimization must not be underestimated.

For example,
The product/category name appears as a number. If you can use in the URL one of the targeted keyword, it will help getting higher ranking. See here the optimized URL:


OFF page optimization is the second part of SEO where links are created. Different ways must be used to create backlinks in order to improve website ranking. Creating backlinks requires being careful. All the links must be coming from relevant websites and must not use your exact keywords as anchor texts. Try to get backlinks for 15 to 20 % of the keywordsand use your brand name, domain name, and your own name as anchor texts to get backlinks. As said before content is king, this is true for website content and for content posting. Quality content is the key. Write unique content around your topic of expertise. Content must be interesting and give a lot of information to users. Any post that is genuinely trying to help people to learn and solve their issues will be loved, commented, and shared. When people start sharing your post, it will give a lot of value to the post and increase the quality of backlinks from this post to the website.

1. Blogging: Blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote website/blog and increase traffic. Most of the bloggers create blogs and earn money using their blogs. There are many free platforms to create blogs around (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Svbtle, Quora etc.) and post content. Creating a website blog to post content will greatly help gaining website backlinks. You must create blogger profiles and post content regularly to get quality backlinks. Remember all content must be unique, no copy &paste are allowed.

2. Guest Posting: Doing guest posting boosts social recognition and givesgreat benefit to website, business and brand. Guest posting helps getting high quality backlinks and promote the brand name online. Guest posting helps buildinga relationship with other bloggers and entering the blogger community is a must. Guest posting also helpsgetting feedback from outside and helpstesting both writing style and accuracy.Of course, good guest posting can help reaching new customers. The social benefit with guest posting is great and Google likes social. I strongly recommend guest posting.

3. Forum Discussion: Forum discussing is a good way to get in touch with other online users and to learn from them. I have tried it and I use it a lot. I can say I have learnt a lot from forums. When an issue or question comes in, forums discussion websites are great to obtain an answer fast or at least to open the discussion. Many users come with their own view and share their experience. Beside the personal growth, it is an excellent place to gain good quality of backlinks.

4. Article Submission: Posting articles is a good way to get traffic and backlinks if posted on top article websites. Once again, the hard part is to write and post unique articles and the trick is to post only on top websites. Personally, I gave up posting the same article 10 times. Now, I use each article once onone website such as Ezinearticles or some other top articles websites.

5. Press Release Submission: Submitting press release will help to get visitors on your website and bring more customers for your business. The key feature of a good press release is to help people discovering a company or a new product/service. Of course, good press release directories help building quality backlinks, improve website ranking and increase website traffic.

6. Image Sharing: Image sharing/posting is a good way nowadays to bring traffic and promote business products/services on the Internet. Let people know about your business and your products with sharing websites. The trick is to create nice photos that will attract people and engage them enough to share it. Great photos will appear in Google image search too, help gain traffic and backlinks.

7. Profile Creation & Promotion: Creating user profiles of different websites where you can give your opinion helps establishing yourself as an expert, helps increasing your social recognition and get quality backlinks. The trick is to create a profile page, not only put there the URL of your website! You must work on your profile description; you are selling yourself here as an expert. A visited and appreciated profile makes the backlink more valuable and your website ranking faster.

These are the points I believe to be today the most important to work on to improve our website ranking. Good luck.

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Massage Your Piggy Bank With SEO Services From India

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The journey from a display on a website to a sale is a long journey. Internet marketing is a way to shorten it and India is one stop you should investigate to save money.

Popping a website on the Internet is the first step of a long, very long journey. No matter how beautiful your site is the Internet is a vast world where beauty gets lost. Competitors are here and to be honest, they are not all ugly. Your site will need much more than a cute design to succeed on the web. A website becomes popular when it combines aesthetics with usability and usefulness. It requires teamwork to create an electronic masterpiece. Hold on… Aren’t you forgetting something? Online visibility is the missing piece.

With time, your pretty website both user-friendly and informative will probably make its way through the Internet but time is money. Your site would greatly benefit from a little help to shine in front of people’s eyes as fast as possible and to achieve its goal. Indeed, the ultimate objective is not to shine but to inform visitors and help you sell your products and/or services. Anyone starting with a website is aware of the importance of having his/her site sitting in the golden top 10 positions on the result page to gain traffic and get the chance to sell. Internet marketing, or more precisely search engine optimization, is not a secret tool to increase website ranking but everyone is facing a dilemma: should you give SEO to a local company and suffer from a prohibitive rate? Or should you outsource SEO to an Indian company for a much lower cost and take the risk of hiring a so-so company? You surely would like to avoid slaughtering your piggy bank and you do like the sound of cheap SEO “made in India”!

Take a big breath; SEO India is not synonymous of poor services and you should at least not reject the idea. You may be lucky and find the SEO Company India that will change your website ranking and stay at your side for a long time. You have to be cautious when you investigate for a SEO company regardless where the company is from. Fortunately, the few first emails you will exchange will tell you a lot about the company and the quality of the services they provide. When you look for a SEO provider in India, more than ever you must ask questions and pay attention to the answers, and not be fooled by pretty copy-pasted phrases. There is no other rule than caution and you have to go in the direction of your gut. When you are certain you will get good SEO services from India, the cheap rate can save your wallet from the financial assault of a local SEO company. SEO outsourcing is not a Russian roulette game. Most of the time Internet marketing services do not bind you to a company and as long as you keep an eye on what is going on at the beginning, you have nothing to fear. Don’t hesitate to give it a go.


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When SEO Turns Towards Semantics, Your SEO Company Must Do Too

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Until very recently, the idea was defining your keywords. Today, your keywords must define the idea. Semantic revisits SEO India.


“Semantic” is a word we see popping in every piece of SEO news these days. However it is not a new word. We all know it refers to the meaning of the language. Why does SEO think about becoming meaningful? Was it not before? Search engines define the search rule. When they change the rule, SEO must follow. Semantic SEO finds its root in Google Knowledge Graph, the most evolved method of answering questions. The time to simply match the keyword of the query with pages holding the keyword is gone. It is now time to solve queries. Any search query can be divided in two main steps: the first is to understand the query and the second is to answer it. While Google is an expert at retrieving data, it must understand the precise questions in order to pull out the right set of data.

A very good example we can use to illustrate the difficulty of understanding keywords is translation. A great majority of words cannot be translated properly if they are placed out of context. In daily life, we do not use keywords but sentences to avoid confusion. We (Google users) are often well aware of ambiguity and we play fairly. We combine keywords to help Google identify the aim of our query. When we were not precise enough in the query and the results are not what we really meant, we can formulate the query again. Where is the evolution then? The language did not gain its complexity overnight…

Until recently Google was ignoring the intricacy of the vocabulary. The retrieval system was straightforward: if you would say “car”, you would get the 10 best answers matching the “car” query. Today Google gives another dimension to its algorithm with semantics. Indeed, Google has a second thought on your query, broadens it and does not discard as much data as before. Now, if you would say “car”, Google would understand you used the keyword “car” but you could have used the words “auto” or “automobile”. Therefore, the result page would not be limited to “car” but would be extended to your intend behind the keyword. The incidence of Google’s new skill becomes evident on SEO Services India. The keywords you embedded in your page in the past have lost their value as single units. They must grow around the idea in order to feed Knowledge Graph. They are here to make sure there is no ambiguity around your page and they must help you transform your business into an entity. Semantic SEO will now put the emphasis on your specialty using the semantic variants of your keywords and bring your site to the result page for your keywords and their variants. Ask your provider of SEO India or contact us at

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DIY: Get SEO Consulting to Go It Right

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The world can be divided in 3 categories of people: the ones who knows; the ones who do not know and know they don’t; the ones who do not know but think they do. Although it sounds a little defeatist, the last category is quite hopeless. There is not much to do about it. However if you are reading this blog, you belong to the promising second category!

seo consulting

The second category “I do not know and I know I don’t” can be divided in 2 sub-categories: people who are happy to delegate the task and who would not bother about learning about it (this is what I would personally do with any sewing duty!) & people who are eagerly keen on learning what is going on. This post is especially designed for these people. If you do not know much about SEO and you would like to know more about it, you can opt for SEO Consulting. The advantage of this option is to help you go in the right direction and focus on the points that really matter. When you get started with consulting, your SEO Company will examine thoroughly our website to identify both positive and negative points.  Out of the 200 factors Google is studying to get your website entering in the top 10, you might think about a gigantic list. Fortunately, the list you can really work on is not so long and plenty of SEO tools can help you to check some points once in a while.

Indeed, some factors are not under your control. We can cite for example the age of the domain, the browsing history and the geolocation of the Internet users. Some factors can be fixed once for all.

  • The 301-redirect must be fixed as soon as possible.
  • The domain extension is something you could think of if the domain is still available.
  • The period for which your domain is registered could easily be extended.
  • We can also insist on the geographic location of your hosting server, that is best to match with the geographic target you aim for.
  • Sitemaps are quite easily done and/or updated and can make a big difference.

These are simple little tricks to have your website ready for hard core SEO!

It might be wiser to get this covered by SEO Services India. There are plenty of SEO companies offering well-balanced SEO packages to build up online visibility progressively. SEO India does not have to be full serviced and you do have the option to keep some bits for yourself. Talk to your SEO company today and check out your options to grow your site.

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Google Algorithm: A cup of backlinks, a spoon of keywords and a pinch of tags.

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The Internet is flourishing with exhaustive analyses studying how well each SEO factor correlates with the actual ranking. The ultimate idea behind is to be able to dissect Google algorithm and find out which factors are the most important to get ranked.

All right, a little bit of math is required here to go further. The optimal correlation equals 1 and this basically relies on the perfect collinearity of two vectors in one plan i.e. two things that evolve at the same pace. To take a very simple and concrete example, collinearity corresponds to the little formula you use when you are cooking. If the recipe book mentions 8 apples, 2 eggs and 1 cup of flour for 4 people, you should use 16 apples 4 eggs and 2 cups of flour for 8 people.

The mathematical rational behind studying ranking factors does seem quite straight forward, isn’t it? What is the recipe to get ranked #1? Why does it sound to me so wrong mathematically then?

First, we know the impact of some ranking factors is not linear. It means that the saying “the more, the better” is not true. Let’s take one example with keywords. Matt Cutts said it clearly: 1, 2 or 3 times a keyword will increase the chances to rank well because it is confirming the topic. Then there is a plateau phase where you could say few times the same keyword, it would not change anymore the ranking. Finally, after a certain threshold, a keyword becomes deleterious to the ranking because it is spamming.

Second, we know the ranking factors are not independent variables. For example, we can see backlinks. Not only the same “bell shaped” relationship between backlinks and ranking applies, but also the number of backlinks is weighted by others factors such as the numbers of referring domains or the relevance of the domains. “One thousand links from one single domain” has virtually no value compared to “one single link from one thousand domains”. And what would be the outcome if you would have one thousand domains, but 900 of them would be irrelevant to your field?

Third, a correlation looks at 2 dimensions, one pair at a time i.e. like a recipe where each ingredient goes linearly with the number of people you wish to serve. The ranking algorithm does seem a little more complicated than ranking = function (ranking factor X), doesn’t it?

Finally, we do not even know how many ingredients are in Google secret recipe.

Together, if you think about the numbers of variables, the outcome of each variable becoming either positive or negative as it grows and this being affected by the surrounding variables, you can know immediately that the interpretation of such data is close to impossible. The Google ranking algorithm is not a cooking recipe.

Socrates said “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” and it is time to tell the truth: unless you are one very special Google staff member, you do not know what is going on, and you can only guess…

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Google Update: Penguin, the Return

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Google Update News: Penguin 2.0, the small brother of Penguin 1.0 has hatched on May 22th, 2013. The white and black animal is younger but gets tougher. Yes, Penguin 2.0 is not a Penguin 1.0 with a new haircut (i.e. a little refresh), this is a new brewed Penguin (i.e. an update).

The new Penguin is getting way smarter at catching web spamming and it already made few victims among specific industry niches such as porn and gaming. However, it would be too simplistic to think these niches are only super spammy and the penguin got mad.
While the rest of the world is starting to breathe again, the famous search engine specialist, Dr. Meyers from MOZ, pointed out that the anger of the bird was quite unpredictable. Some cues trigger its madness in some industries, while the same cues seem to let him quite pacific in other industries.

Needless to say that this is enough to suspect the updated algorithm to have “acquired” a higher degree of integration. The bird is getting sneakier. Of course, innocent victims won’t let it bite too hard and Google will surely have to train it further to prevent such unsuitable behaviors in future.

With such a cranky animal, it is important to stay away from its beak. To avoid awakening the beast, Matt Cutts, the official penguin caretaker at Google, suggests following the regimen he advised for all penguins.

  • Friendship cannot be bought – do not succumb to link sales,
  • True friendship is rare – exchange links with moderation,
  • Friendship is honest – linking pages must follow PageRank,
  • Only close friends can judge well – keep your links in your industry niche.

It is also important to remind the overall ideal of penguins. They actually share the same dream with pandas: making the SERP a better place for users’ pleasure.

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Is Blogging Still a Good Method to Maintain your Website Position?

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Social media like Facebook and Twitter are throwing a dark shadow over blogs. Social media are extremely convenient. The applications are very easy to use, the short posts do not require any commitment and the reward with LIKES, FOLLOWERS, etc. is instantaneous. Today, no business can ignore the power of social networks in its marketing strategy. The question is the following: does blog marketing still able to benefit you? The answer is definitively yes. Blogging goes far beyond social networking!

A blog can contain a tremendous amount of information to support your website. If the website purpose is to hold the essence of your business to move towards a sale, the blog is really a great tool to both meet with people and communicate with them.

1) Meet with new people.

  • A blog is a true website specialized in communication. Therefore, a blog is crawled by search engines, indexed, cached and get a rank on its own in the search engine result page. Yes, you can gain traffic from search engines on your blog.
  • Many people use the Internet to find information before going through a purchase. A blog is the perfect place to inform people. It is the best place to win people’ trust. Show your expertise and orientate their choice towards your company. Tell your visitors you know what you are talking about and they would be safe going with you. Make your blog a more casual gate to your website.
  • A blog post is not like a tweet about something cool you saw, or some weekly special. To be able to meet people, of course, a blog requires a strategy. If you know your customers, you are very well aware of what they ask and what are they interested in. Create pages related to your business. You may use the queries you receive from your website to choose the topics to talk about on your blog. Look carefully at the phrases they were using and use parts of them inside your blog. Other people might be using the same phrases in search engines and Google may display your website on the result page. You may also use Google Keyword Tool to expand your choices and play with semantic variations. You could also use your blog to specifically reinforce your website SEO but be careful with the use of exact keywords, the trick is very obvious. Google does not like to be tricked. Play naturally with your blog, this is the strength of a blog. Engage your posts with your readers’ community. Give your opinion and solicit people to give their own.

2) Communicate with people.

  • As already mentioned, the main purpose of a blog is to communicate with people. With online companies, the business-to-client relationship has lost its human touch. Today, we buy from one company, tomorrow from another one. We buy without really knowing who we buy from anyway… Your company blog is a way to get in touch with your clients. You must use your website to tell people who you are. Your staff could take turn to post on the blog, display their name, picture… Give your blog a real life and humanize your company.
  • More than that, your blog can become a real database of in-depth information to give to your clients. Good posts can be extremely useful to save you time. Written once, they can be used over and over to give your clients the answer they want. Furthermore, publishing information on your company blog gives a greater value to the information itself. Give your clients a good reason to recommend your company with useful posts.

Get back to your old blog or get started with one. Blogging is hard work. You need fresh ideas and to stick to a schedule but it is still worth it. Alternatively, you could hire web content writing professionals! Good luck.

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Ways to Protect your Website from Google SEO Penalties

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Google Penguin Recovery PlanNowadays everyone is talking about Google Panda and Penguin and how to be safe ranked in the search engine result page (SERP). I’m going to share some tips with everyone to do safe SEO and get stable higher ranking in Google.

1. Analyze your backlinks on a monthly basis: You work to get backlinks everyday. You should think and check from where all the backlinks are coming from. Find out who is trying to get links from you and from who you got backlinks.  It is really important to keep quality backlinks and remove low quality backlinks. Analysis your backlinks is the most important job. If you are tracking our backlinks on a monthly basis, you can find which ones are good and which ones are not good enough for your website. Once you will know where are the bad ones, you can simply email a request  to the webmaster to remove your links from there.

2. Check your anchor text: When you do SEO and try to get higher ranking for your website, you look for your top keywords and create backlinks for these specific keywords. However, you have to be careful with such backlinking. You should not use the same anchor text over and over to create backlinks.  You should use your brand name, your website URL  or go for naked backlinks. It will help get higher ranking safely.

3. Keep looking your webmaster tool: It is also one important part of SEO. You  should keep An eye on your webmaster tool. Google webmaster tool helps to track your website issues and show you current status.  The tool will basically show you from where you are getting links, page errors, broken links and crawled pages.  Tracking your website status and keeping it update to date is extremely important.

4. Look for content quality: Your website was ranked well in SERP but once Google Panda update came then you could not find your website at same position. The truth is that since Google Panda, content has become king. When you will open your website, then look for the quality of the content. What is content quality? If your website does not have unique content or it is not well written, you should rewrite it. You have two options. You need to study well to write good content or  you need to hire some professional writers to write it for you.

5. Over Optimization:  Over optimization is one of the most common mistakes coming from people. You must have seen many people doing over optimization to try getting ranking in less time. You should never do keyword stuffing to achieve fast ranking otherwise. you will surely get penalized and lose all your website ranking.

Of course, if you have already been hit by Google, it is time to have a Google Penguin recovery plan!

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How to Add an Administrator for my Facebook Page?

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Facebook is a personal application that does not allow a third part to log onto your account – especially if you are outsourcing your Social Media Marketing to another country such as India.

Luckily Facebook thought about that and many people can publish on the same page using the multiple admin trick.

If you already have a Facebook Page or if you have just created your Facebook page, you need to allow your SEO company India to publish on your behalf and to advertise your Facebook widely.

To do so, here is the solution in few steps:

  1. You need to log onto your Page,
  2. On the top right of the Page, you will see one link Edit Page,SEO India
  3. From the drop down menu, select Manage Admin Roles,
  4. On the left menu, select Admin Roles,SEO Company India
  5. You might be the only Admin User here until now,
  6. Enter the email address of the person you wish to grant access to your Page in the box, define his/her role. “Manager” will do.
  7. Save the changes.
If you wish to revoke the access from one user, click on the cross on the right of his/her Admin box.
You are set to start, you can let your SEO Services India to the magic!
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