Google Panda Out With Its 4.2 Refresh Update Algorithm

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Google Panda 4.2

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Global Refresh will impact search results worldwide, not just English results

September 25th 2014 saw the Panda 4.1 come to revolutionize companies’ search ranking and revenue. Ten months later, Google has now announced the soon-to-happen roll out of its global refresh update – Panda 4.2, aimed at higher quality search results with some unprecedented improvisations.

The impact on your site’s traffic may go unnoticed for a while until the complete roll-out of the update in the coming months. Sites that were hit by Panda during the earlier updates may not see an immediate full impact of the 4.2 refresh update, but will observe changes in their organic rankings gradually over time. Also, sites that were penalized by Panda earlier and have made appropriate changes will now have a chance to emerge among the quality search results as produced by Google. This implies that while the 4.2 Refresh Update is a new chance for some that have taken corrective actions on their content, it can mean penalty for others who have not.  The Panda 4.2 roll out will significantly affect 2-3% of queries, approximately 36 million search results.

Being a global refresh update, the Panda 4.2 will have an impact on search results worldwide, and not just in English.

If your site’s Google traffic begins to plummet in the coming months, it indicates that Panda 4.2 has ranked your site negatively. Consequently, recovery will be difficult when an entire domain is affected. To retain or surpass previous rankings, it may no longer suffice to optimize the landing pages with relatively weaker content, but to instead focus on developing higher quality content across the entire domain, and waiting for the next iteration of the update.

Google’s initial intentions with Panda have stayed relatively the same – to punish content mills, keyword stuffing, ugly or broken websites, and any sort of unsavory practices that exploit Google’s search algorithm. Accordingly, it’s critical to remember what Google certifies as “bad quality content”, and develop content that is potentially Google-friendly.

Rand Fishkin, SEO expert and co-founder of Moz suggests that content creators should focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to improving SEO rankings. He added, “The vast majority of links and shares and amplification signals of all kinds are going to only the top five or ten percent of content that gets put out. There’s not a whole lot of value in writing a decent blog post anymore. [There’s not a lot of value] unless you can be pretty extraordinary.”

In simpler terms, your site should focus on creating well-written, original and better content with a less bloated website design.

The impact of this update will be realized slowly. While the scores are already calculated, these are site-wide scores and haven’t been fully assigned to all the pages on a specific site or the whole index yet. Some pages on a site may be assigned the score, and some may not. Therefore, the negative or positive impact of Panda 4.2 will be realized over months, and not days. Unlike the past Panda updates, this roll out will observe a more gradual increase or decrease in your Google traffic over time. This means it is even more crucial to be aware of the start of an update, in order to determine whether your site has been affected or not. This causal relation is important.

Google’s recent launches include “Mobilegeddon” which encouraged sites to be mobile-optimized and mobile-friendly to be among the top ranked sites by Google, and “Quality Update” or “Phantom Update” that rewarded sites that featured Google-certified quality content.

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2015 Demands You to Stay Relevant In Regard To SEO

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Keeping up with the ever-evolving SEO industry can seem like a pain, but it’s a requirement for anyone that wants to stay relevant in this digital age.

If you ignore these concepts, you risk finding yourself plagued with penalties and poor rankings. And when your business relies on search traffic, these negative effects can have catastrophic consequences.

Without a solid SEO strategy, you’re heading down a dangerous path. Successful online brands have understood the need for SEO and the impact it can have on the business for quite some time, but in 2015, this becomes even more important.

SEO Company

The following seven tasks will keep you up to date and help avoid the consequences associated with poor technical SEO.

1. Implement Mobile Traffic Optimization.

You’ve heard about it for years: Brands need to develop a strong mobile strategy. Well, in 2015, that admonition becomes a warning.

Google’s recent update announcement makes it official – a lack of mobile optimization will hinder your rankings.

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Smart brands will start by investing in a strong, mobile-responsive website. But in addition to this mobile optimization technique, you should also evaluate a few other areas.

  • Page load times: One study found that 69 percent of mobile responsive website designs were deemed “unacceptable” when put to a speed test. Page speed acts as a big SEO indicator, which is why professionals make page load optimization a priority.
  • Overlays and popups: Google wants to get the searcher to an answer as fast as possible. It doesn’t care that you’d rather have visitors sign up for your webinar or download your app. Most responsive sites already feature slow load times, so don’t add another entry barrier to accessing your information. It’ll hurt you in the long run.
  • Supported content: Avoid pages that contain unsupported mobile content, such as videos the user can’t play. If users have to wade past this content to find what they’re looking for, Google can’t provide a quick answer. That’s not good news for your rankings.

2. Learn about penalty/negative SEO Monitoring And Recovery.

Nothing can ruin your day faster than realizing you got hit by negative SEO or a Google penalty. These things tank your rankings. For many businesses, that affects the company’s bottom line.

You’ve got to acknowledge the problem as soon as possible, but that only happens through regular monitoring. If you don’t know how to do that, take time this year to learn it.

3. Move away from keyword rankings to return-on-investment measurements.

Do you wish you could prove that, for every $1 you invested trying to rank for “red shoes,” you made $10? Of course you do – everybody wants to know that information!

It doesn’t matter if you’re reporting to a client or measuring the performance of your own website. This type of reporting outweighs the benefit of knowing that you rank ninth in the Google search results for “red shoes.” And that’s exactly why you must start doing it in 2015.

You need the capability to track users over a long period of time. By doing this, you’ll learn:

  • The initial search query visitors used to arrive at your site.
  • When a user completed a goal that leads to revenue.
  • How that user continued to behave to calculate his or her total lifetime value.

Sound like dark magic? You’re not far off. Multi-touch attribution is an advanced technique that you won’t find by turning on a couple features in Google Analytics.

You can either build this tracking system yourself or invest in a tool such as KISSMetrics to do it for you. Check out this handy infographic to see exactly how to accomplish this goal for your website.

4. Apply traditional PR to link building.

Traditional public relations focus on building relationships. Link building, on the other hand, seeks to build SEO by securing links on high-quality, relevant websites. What happens when you combine these two things? A powerful hybrid that brings the best of both worlds.

White-hat link builders spend countless hours conducting blogger outreach, but the most prolific bloggers receive tons of guest post requests each week. That mucks up your ROI and leaves you fighting for the same guest posting spots other business owners are already going after.

You can improve your odds of being featured by working at building relationships, rather than just asking for favors from your preferred bloggers.

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5. Pursue broader, more precise buyer keywords.

People spent a lot of time raving about the power of long-tail keywords. While they can still help your overall SEO campaign, Google’s release of the Hummingbird algorithm update has shifted this trend quite a bit.

The update helps Google gain a contextual understanding of both broad content and long-tail keywords. In a Whiteboard by Moz, owner Rand Fishkin points out the main problem: “Google wants to understand that this page can satisfy both questions.” You miss broad keywords when your website focuses its energy on only mid-long or long-tail phrases.

This will cause a bigger problem as Google continues to evolve, so make it a point to keep both present on your site.

6. Pair technical SEO with content marketing campaigns.

Technical SEO is great. Your website needs it. Using it makes sure that you comply with SEO best standards and web practices. But it doesn’t necessarily win traffic.

Technical SEO doesn’t land you on the first page of Google. To win the SEO game, you need to do something different than your competitors. You need content marketing.

A recent Quick Sprout article gives some great ideas for pairing these two things. The highlights include:

  • Creating content that Wikipedia would love to link to.
  • Writing content based on keyword data.
  • Creating quality content instead of aiming for large quantities.
  • Including detailed FAQs on your website.
  • Targeting industry blogs for guest posting opportunities.
  • Focusing on indirect conversions.
  • Cross linking whenever possible.

When you do combine traditional content marketing techniques with SEO best practices, you can crush the competition in search while also developing amazing content that adds immense value to your readers.

7. Know the difference between expressed and implied links.

2012 patent filed by Google gives us a clear distinction between expressed and implied links. When you break down the formal patent speak, it comes down to this:

  • Expressed links actually provide a link to the resource mentioned.
  • Implied links only mention the resource, but don’t provide an actual link to click.

Google will continue to put weight on brand signals, and that makes these implied links very important to your strategy.

They show that you’re an authority in the industry – and that’s something that Google definitely wants to know.

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2015 tells you about new ‘SEO Secrets’ what are no more secrets actually!

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Within just a few years, SEO has gone through an extensive research process. The experts are never off the laboratory to invent something refreshing with new SEO algorithms. Google’s all time effort is to receive satisfactory user experience. It’s completely unbelievable that just a decade back, everyone’s motive was to drive traffic and get rankings. No matter, how they proceed, traffics must be brought in by any means. Hence, on the process, people gave birth to a new SEO execution and that’s called Black Hat SEO. However, after sometimes, all wrong efforts went in vain as Google did not like it and started penalizing those who tried to go against the stream.

SEO Secrets, SEO

On this date, a few masterminds have come out with ‘Open Secrets’ to SEO and success around it. Brands who get higher ranking and crowded traffic obviously do have greater content what actually serves potential customers’ search intent. They enjoy good and stable ranking because they proceed through valid technological angle. You too can enjoy higher traffic, if you get yourself introduced to these SEO Secrets:

• Make your thoughts as simple as no one elses’:

In the area of SEO, everything is just enigmatic. But, attaining success is still in your hands. You have got brain and let it not get overtaken by ambivalence. Make the best use of it and accept that there are more in your place thinking the same way. Ideas are very few, but users are innumerable. The much earlier you get to the SEO Secrets, the faster success comes to you.

• Content is the king in SEO:

Today, old information gets automatically trashed or archived and Google promotes all the of-late contents prioritizing its users’ experience. Users do not prefer to read out 1 week old post and look further for 1 day old or a few hours’ old contents. So, it is quite a hard job for you and mandatory as well to keep your content accurate and fresh.

• Users’ handling must be prioritized:

As no one is left with leisure time today, it requires the entire business runner to be much faster at their services. Gone is the era when people used to sit with assembled computer and laptop at a particular place and process their searches. Today, if users do not find any of their required website mobile-responsive, they quit and switch over to the other one what serves their purpose better. So, you too make sure your website has the fastest load ability and is mobile-responsive as well.

Just a few days back, Google has announced that most of their American users are largely satisfied with mobile-responsive websites. With the emergence of ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm, Google is showing higher potential to emphasize more and more features with business mobile websites.

• Link Building is all about building relationship with clients:

SEO masters are always found uttering the terms like link building. It simply means strengthening website’s existence with higher credibility. It is all about common sense that whenever a user finds your brand as a cause to credit, the relation between your business and users get more strengthened and solid.

Blog submission and article submission are not only thought as submission. It is submitted to take faith from the users and use it for their welfare through more improvements and updates. But, many of practitioners forget that quality matters eventually. Blindly working on link enforcement does not work to impress Google. Be it blogs or articles and even PRs, only quality-contents with extended relevant information receive the higher values.

• Keyword analysis should be based on users’ search intent:

These days, Google has become the main source of knowledge. Be it a kindergarten goer or a master degree pursuer, Google is helpful for all the class and age. Those who have got questions turn to Google and fulfill their search intents. Hence, if your website contains something useful, readable and informative, then you must get it optimized and help the readers.

The first and foremost way to initiate the optimization is through keyword selection. You, being the practitioner, must ideate the very common type of keyword search-nature by users and then put them forward for optimization. The more your keywords are relevant with your particular business type, the many readers you enjoy at your website.

The last-minute speculation:

Being an updated SEO practitioner, you are required to be empathetic. Your job is to answer users’ questions in a best way. Gone those days are when there used to be self-serving, scam my and spam my SEO practices. Good time it is, users are getting more relevant and credible information. It is happening just because SEOs now have started thinking for users’ needs. It is not a do or dies situation you are at, all you need to do is to produce fresh contents and help users in their quest.

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Google Panda Is Likely To Hit In Upcoming Weeks

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Google Panda

The leading search engine optimization gives an indication of the launching of the latest version of Panda, likely to be introduced in the upcoming weeks. Google’s Gary Illyes has revealed that this latest strategy of the search giant. He also revealed that it will most probably take place in the next two to four weeks.

He, however, quoted as saying it is an effort of data refresh, not the algorithmic changes. So, those sites affected adversely with this algorithm may definitely expect for some positive outcomes in terms of recovery in the coming time. Meanwhile, upcoming data refresh may not be cause of recovery for all sites. This clearly indicates that some sites can’t expect recovery. New websites, on the other hand, may also be penalized with the upcoming step.

Illyes also stated that it is search engine’s interest to keep such change and Google is bound to keep this updated time to time as possible. However, it needs manual updates and can’t operate by itself like some of other algorithms.

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Mechanism Behind ‘On Page Optimization’

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When we raise up the topic of SEO i.e. search engine optimization, only one thing knocks our brain and that is keyword optimization. The entire SEO marketing is thought to be dependent on keywords chosen out of particular business. Be it offsite optimization or onsite optimization, experts are always on try to best blend the keywords. Even though, Google’s Panda extracts the inoperative and baseless keyword stuffing and fuzzy contents, but still keyword selection and strategizing them are considered as the initiation of search engine optimization.

However, Google is always up with new strategies and its algorithms for optimization purpose. It never allows the thick-usage of keywords. The particular offsite content should be not highly promotional rather it gets to be informative and understandable to the readers. The readers should find something knowledgeable and appreciative. If your contents are going against these norms, you have higher prospects either to be penalized or receive low ranking. The excessive keyword-stuffing actually kills the exact substance of the content.

In accordance with today’s SEO masterminds, onsite promotion is now better way to get ranked on top, but there are too significant statutes to be followed. Going by a few strict decrees for online optimization, we have found these Do’s mentioned below:

On Page Optimization’

• Keyword Stuffing Has Lesser Value Than Perfect Content Positioning:
It is suggested that the positioning of the keywords to be concentrated on more rather than its frequency. On each page of the content, keyword must be stuffed first in the heading and then in the third paragraph (as advised). Contents appearing on header matter the most and have greater values than the contents appeared on footer.

• When It Comes To Onsite Optimization, “To Be Reasonable” Is Mandatory:
The usage frequency of keywords and its placement in the content page matter the most and this’ what Google also looks for while evaluating one’s website. Be it any sort of service, the keyword analysis must have gone through logic. If you got an e-commerce business for branded clothing, you would certainly not put keywords like “Catering service for birthday parties.” This is no longer reasonable. When readers would try to find out services like yours, they would type something like “affordable branded clothing.” That is meant, your keyword analysis must to be done on semantic basis.

• What matter the next is website design:
What Google cares for the most are its users. It does not want its users to switch over something else due to any misconception or lack of information. Hence, it has become necessary for all the website runners to get the most comprehensive and user friendly web design.

Web design precisely means the navigation of any site. If the navigation of any site is clearly designed and users find it very easy to go with, Google would evaluate the site as one of bests. First and foremost, the sitemap is mandatory to include and then the other conventional pages like Contacts, About Us, Our Services, Our Aims, and Home page. Unless and until, you do put up a substantial and spontaneous, no matter how solid your contents are, it is not going to impress Google.

• Last But Not The Least, Site Speed And Its Surveillance Now Matter:
Competition is way higher than yesterday. The way, one now looks for information on Google, it has largely changed. People now got more questions and more platforms to search for it and the easiest and fastest ones are their mobile phones. Users are now more comfortable with their phones what help them get information anywhere at any time. And, as a result, you too got to have your website mobile-responsive and faster at speed as well.

People’s wants have increased and they always look for something and if you want to be the first one to answer any of user’s question through your website, you have to be quicker than the next one in queue. The much faster your website opens up, the user is yours. So, to have a fastest site speed has become necessary.

Apart from that you better get a backup system for all the data you receive every day. Security is the second most important thing to sleep on. There are malware on Internet, what can destroy all your Internet resources in no time and leave you in vacuum. Hence, it is always important to get a security support system behind. Contact IT infrastructure service providers, they would help you 24*7.

Conclusion: There are easy ways and there are right ways to do things. The right ways are always tough to follow every time, but one who has succeeded in following all the right ways to attain the everlasting success, he/she is actually known as the best one to contact.

Being a modern day SEO executive, you must stay updated 24*7. Ideas are many, but only one is to be used as the key to perpetual success. Here, you all have found the updated mechanism of On page Optimization. In the world of SEO, these methods are to be followed religiously.

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We Can Serve You In A Better Way – Indian SEO Outsourcing Company

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The one and only reason to get SEO services these days is to introduce one’s business on higher-level domain of any leading search engine result page, i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  The more recommendations your website receives from leading SEs, the much higher traffic your business enjoys. In this regard, if you allow us, Acsius Technologies Pvt. Ltd., to help you outsource the best ever enduring SEO services, then for you, it would be worth-doing business with us. We tell you the ultimate gains of outsourcing SEO services from us:

Want to get swift results?

We being the most rushed SEO outsourcing company in India, work vitally to upgrade your business links on Google’s result pages. We keep updating our clients periodically regarding the improvement in ranking results. Moreover, sometimes, we act as conversion optimization service provider on special occasions to convert most of the visitors into permanent clients or at least potential ones. If you outsource this service, the strategic procedure would be kept running generating swift results whereas, if you do it yourself, you can’t put your best for a successful end along dealing with your other business related issues.

A proper conceptualization of SEO strategies:

If you outsource search engine optimization service from us, then it would make you benefited from every angle. We employ pervasive optimization strategies. For being a well-established and highly-reputed company in India, we have developed pretty well experience in playing with all-time changing Google’s algorithms and know very well how to get the best out of obeying them. Our mainstream team is always in hunt to detect any such behavioral changes in the market, so that they can go as per. It is our 24*7 job responsibility that we promise to our clients.

We make sure you save your money while doing business with us:

If you decide to get your SEO part done by hiring experts yourself, then, let us tell you that they will draw money from you in the form of monthly salary. And, search engine optimization is not a matter of job what can be done by single hand. You got to build a complete team what is going to extort your bank account like never before. Better you come for us and get the best and result-driven SEO outsourcing services at half of the costs detailed above.

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Our Result-Driven SEO Strategies Go Easy With Your Wallet!

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Internet is now speaking on top of its voice. It makes you voyage around the world in almost no time. Be it your personal social networking profile or business profile, you can introduce both to the global people in no time. People living in the farthest corner of this same globe can know you and your business within just a couple of minutes. This is actually the impact of this digital world and you are somehow compelled to get attached with it. Forgetting about everything else, let’s just plan for taking your organization on to the global platform and earn more and more profits out of it. Let’s just introduce yourself to the ever effective internet marketing course of actions. We, at Acsius Technologies Pvt. Ltd. claim to get you the highest traffic on Google, Bing and Yahoo through our result-driven SEO and Internet Marketing strategies. We demand the reasonable amount in return of our service.

We always nurture one thing on our mind that today, it is mandatory to reach your potential customers as sooner as possible, because, it is no more the era of misusing time, sitting at shops and ending up with only 10 – 12 clients throughout the day. Today, you have got hard-hitting competitors, who may march towards success way before you. Hence, you get to be in touch with best SEO Company in India, who can help you to introduce your business to the global potential clients ensuring upscale returns on investment.

On this date, relatively all sort of firms and organizations are preferring to indulge in search engine optimization strategies provided by SEO experts. Accepting this service would certainly result in profit-making for you, because the best service provider always puts forward comprehensive package for its clients. And, furthermore, they include more services in that package, e.g., link building, directory submission, article submission, content writing, pay per click management and sometimes web designing as well. All of these executions would be run sheer to achieve geo-targeting requirements. We employ SEO strategies sheer to gain a high-level domain on leading SERPs for your business website by promoting the geographical location of your business globally.

All our services mainly whirl around on-page and off-page optimization. According to our clients’ website structure, we start our procedures of HTML code optimization, developing Meta-tags and then optimizing them, development of HTML site, optimizing images inserted, setting up Google analytic and then auditing, development of Google XML sitemap and modifying them regularly.

These are our a few but very much efficient SEO strategies. Never to take long time, when it is us, because we go very well with your wallet too. Our works may be a little bit intense and technical but we act emotional while pressing charges of money on you.

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SEO Outsourcing Company in India Soaring Ahead

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With expanded rivalry, always showing signs of change calculations and internet searcher principles, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now obliges much higher skill to handle it.

Having understood this, numerous showcasing organizations like web designers, PR firms, web facilitating organizations, and so forth – all which used to complete their customers SEO forms (alongside their particular administrations) independent from anyone else, now concur that SEO is a process that is better left to the experts in the business, accordingly, assuaging the load off their shoulders. This has offered climb to SEO exchanging.


A firm that needs to exchange SEO benefits regularly contracts a white hat SEO supplier, to perform the whole SEO process for its customer for the benefit of it. While doing this white hat SEO supplier stays unknown, therefore keeping the brand picture of the affiliate in place.

Emulating are the key advantages of exchanging SEO outsourcing Services Company from a white hat SEO supplier.

Better nature of administration: White hat SEO administrations are offered by pro suppliers, who have talented group of experts devoted just to SEO. The mastery of these suppliers helps in creating systems and steps that fortify the online vicinity of your customer’s business. They screen and track the business patterns, contender’s methodologies, check for the focused on catchphrases – all which are required to enhance the natural item postings of your customer’s site.

Address your customer’s prerequisites: White hat SEO suppliers are pros in SEO and comprehend the way of your customer’s business and execute fitting SEO procedures that assemble up online notoriety of your customer’s business. They likewise comprehend that your business’ notoriety is additionally in question, ought to any mistake happens from their side.

Offer undeniable SEO administrations: White hat SEO suppliers offer complete answer for all your customers SEO India needs. They offer both on-page and off-page optimization procedures to enhance the web crawler results.

On-page advancement methods incorporate – improvement of title and Meta labels, decisive word rich substance on landing page, URL mapping, site outline, picture optimization, and so forth. On-page optimizations are straightforwardly identified with the ease of use of a site that significantly influences the site page posting in web crawler rankings.

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Top Mistakes of Search Engine Optimization!

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Search Engine Optimization is a very lucrative field. Though a small mistake and you might lose whatever you earned through the efforts of years which you put on your website. Why to make such mistakes then? Here are a few SEO mistakes which we should always avoid.

seo mistakes onpageDuplicate Content

No matter what, but you should never use duplicate contents on your website. Be it copied from your own website or from some other website as well, but in every case duplicate contents should be avoided on any website.

We all know about the Panda updates of Google which is strictly against websites using duplicate and poor quality content. So why to attract the penalty from the search engine giant?

We commonly see a misconception among many website owners that they can use the content which are of their own. No doubt you can use the content owned by you, but for once only. If you are going to create a new page on your website, try to put everything fresh on it, so that Google should always consider it as a fresh and unique page.

Many people also make the mistake of putting duplicate title, Meta keywords and Meta description for all their pages, though the mistake is made unwillingly only, but it is a big blunder. Whenever create a new page, create all the relevant data as well and try to make them unique too.

Over Optimization

Sometimes over enthusiasm makes people to over optimize their website. Unfortunately it is a big SEO mistakes which everyone should avoid. Don’t try to stuff your page with keywords; after all you can have natural flow of content on your website, which can be liked by your visitors.

Never ever prepare page for the sake of search engines, always prepare content which should be useful for your visitors. A satisfied visitor might impact your websites ranking on major search engines like Google.

Keyword stuffing on your website, using irrelevant keywords on any of your pages, or doing things which can make your website look cheaper and make it a spam website should always be avoided.

Link Building

Remember links are important, but we should never run behind getting links. Try to get quality links than getting quantity of links.

One of the most dangerous mistake as far as SEO is concerned, is to go through some automated link building programs. Always remember that such links are too harmful for your website. Poor quality article directories, directory sites, social bookmarking sites are really dangerous for your website, if you are getting any link from such websites, try to disavow the same.

Also one of the most important SEO mistake is to buy links from other websites. It can anytime penalize your website.

Internal Links

Internal links are crucial for your website; it helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website. We all know that bounce rate is one of the most important ranking factors for websites in 2014.

Try to utilize internal links so that it can give you SEO benefits. But then also remember not to overuse it.

Missing Alt Tags

One crucial SEO mistakes which many website owners make is of ignoring the Alt tags on their websites. Alt tags are the alternative tags which are being used for images, as search engines read it as the substitute of images.

Header Tags

Not many website owners are there who uses header tags like H1, H2, H3, etc. on their websites. This is one of the most common SEO mistakes. Try to use one H1 tags, one H2 tags, and a few H3 and H4 tags on all the pages of your website. Consult an SEO expert to get tips on how to optimize your pages and websites.

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Future of Search Engine Optimization!

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Many people claims that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is dead now. Is it really so? What is the future of search engine optimization?

Honestly with the updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Pigeon, etc. Google almost killed the normal conception or say misconception about SEO industry. The most common conception about SEO industry was about back links.


The more numbers of back links your website will have, the better will be the ranking of the site; this was the concept which actually forced almost all the SEO’s to run behind more back links and links.

Honestly I am glad that Google came up with such strong algorithm updates which actually killed such misconceptions about SEO industry and actually helped to kill those poor quality SEO works.

Does it mean that SEO itself is dead now?

Well, it is not at all true. SEO has actually improved because of all those updates. Those updates actually helped website owners to get rid of the poor quality SEO efforts. Thus now there is only space left for quality works in SEO industry.

You would never survive if you won’t follow the guidelines properly.

Being said that I can easily say that the future of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually too bright.

Changing Scenario in SEO

There was a time when search engine optimization was mainly revolving around two things, one putting keywords on your web pages and second spreading the page to different websites like social bookmarking sites, article directory sites, web directory sites, press releases, and getting links from sites which use to do so.

With those updates Google actually tried clearing their search results pages, and focused towards building quality and useful sites along with webmasters should not run towards creating links only for their websites.

This was something which brought dramatic changes in the SEO industry. Now a day’s SEO’s has shifted their focus towards putting quality content on their site, making things perfect and presentable on their site for their visitors, and promoting the site on social networking websites. The promotion of websites on social networking sites has also changed. Now SEO’s don’t go to anyone to like or share their content, but they are trying to make their own content in such a way that should compel their readers to like and share the same on social networking websites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Focus Towards On Page Factors

As far as the SEO ranking factors for the year 2014 is concerned, more or less all the major factors are associated with the On Page factors only. In that scenario anyone can say that the work loads of an SEO is reduced, but honestly it is not true, rather workloads of the SEO increased because of all this.

Other than focusing on “On Page Factors” of the websites, SEO’s has now started thinking about quality of the back links, than the quantity of the same.

It is undoubtedly true that Online Marketing is an ever changing world, and you need to stay updated with the recent happenings, else for you SEO will become a dead thing only.

Author Bio

At ACSIUS Technologies we are offering complete SEO services for small mid size & big businesses.

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