Google Releases New Meta Description Writing Guide

Google Releases New Meta Description Writing Guide

A new set of recommendations has come forward from Google on how to create better search snippets, or meta descriptions for the search results. Google is also doing their part by considerably changing the process of how they generate the meta description for a search result.

How Google Generates Meta Descriptions

Google checks the page itself and finds the most important information on the page when deciding which part of the page’s content to be displayed on the search result page.

If Google doesn’t find any relevant or rich information on the page, it will turn to the manually written meta description for the page to display in the search snippet.

Previously, had there been no manually submitted meta description nor a useful part of page’s content, Google would pull the data from DMOZ to create the snippet. However, DMOZ closed down now and Google doesn’t reply on web directories for the work to be done.

Under this new light, it has become more important for the webmasters to create better meta descriptions. Google explained a good description as follows,

Good meta descriptions are short blurbs that describe accurately the content of the page. They are like a pitch that convince the user that the page is exactly what they’re looking for.

Only one thing is worse than badly written meta description and that is no meta description at all. Equally awful would be to use the same meta description for every page of the site. Among badly written meta descriptions, irrelevant, spammy and low quality meta descriptions top the list.

Technically, and according to Google, meta descriptions could be as long as you want but they will be truncated to fit the device they are viewed on.

There is one distinctive advantage of this announcement as well. You remember, we used to use NOODP robots to stop Google from going to DMOZ for meta snippets. Now that wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

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