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PPC, the way to fully control your advertisement


reminderIf you need to get to the top quickly and for a short period a time, your option is PPC. You define the keywords you want to play with and bet on them according to your budget. How much to bet, and on which keywords this where the risk sits and this is where our help is handy!

What is Pay-Per-Click?

PPC is a very trendy technique of Internet marketing. Its popularity comes from the unique method of billing.You pay only when someone is interested to know more by your services.

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Why a PPC Campaign?

The Internet brought revolutionary changes in terms of advertising. Today, one of the most popular methods of advertising online is through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. ACSIUS is the companion your company needs to explore the full strength of Internet marketing using PPC ads.

What is exactly PPC and why PPC Management?

In PPC advertising, your ads are placed across several sites on the Internet but you only need to pay the service provider when a user clicks on those ads and is redirecting to your website. This particular way of billing makes PPC campaigns extremely popular: they are effective and become affordable advertising tool to small- and mid-sized businesses.

Many search engines such as Google and Yahoo provide the option of PPC advertising. However, it is necessary to understand the various methods of maximizing the return on investment. It is here, that we at ACSIUS are able to provide you with our expertise and experience.

Why hiring us as a PPC Management Agency?

ACSIUS offers you low cost PPC campaigns and PPC campaign management. With a very small initial investment compared to print or television advertising, PPC will give you a total control over the amount that you wish to spend on one campaign or even that you wish to pay for one click on your ad.

Probably the biggest advantage is that PPC campaigns offer a facility to track and see the results. As your PPC campaign manager, ACSIUS will provide you with information regarding the traffic, number of impressions, number of clicks, and number of conversions or sales and so on.

Our experts in PPC campaign management will help you with analyzing these numbers to understand the trends of advertising and come up with patterns. Based on these patterns, the campaign can be adjusted or modified to ensure that maximum possible return on investment.

Another advantage that you can see with PPC campaigns is the high reach. The number of people on the Internet is very high and capturing the attention of even a small percentage of this population can give a remarkable boost to the visibility of your products. Additionally, ACSIUS can help you to target accurately the ads only to a particular geographic location or a specific demography-based audience.

How do we work as a PPC Management Agency?

ACSIUS specializes in both setting up as well as managing customized PPC campaigns. Many different platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo can be used according to your needs. To help you get a quick return on investment by using the best possible strategy, ACSIUS offers the following services:

tick  Setting up and creating PPC campaigns from the very scratch

tick  Analyzing the existing campaigns and improving their performance

tick  Complete optimization solutions at the account, campaign and ad group levels

tick  Specific strategy and planning for Lead generation and Conversion based goals

tick  Regular management and tweaking the campaigns bases on changing goals

tick  Provide reporting services along with campaign specific insights and recommendations

tick  Assessment through Analytics trends

tick  Extensive Keyword Research and Bid Management

tick  Customized insights on industry trends and strategy based on these trends