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Looking for a SEO company India who can take your website to the top of Google search page? Come, join hands with Acsius, a Google certified SEO company India who is actively transforming SEO India. With a proven track record of bringing small and medium companies to the forefront of online search, we have become the No. 1 SEO company in India, by popular choice.

We are a complete SEO company India as we offer every service which relate to SEO. While core SEO or organic SEO is our strength, we are equally capable of delivering services like Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Google Penalty Removal services.

Additionally, we also offer web development in WordPress, Magento, PHP, Joomla and Drupal; complete hosting and domain registration, web design and website upgrade services. In short, our range of services include from booking the domain to developing the site and then to taking it to the top via SEO in India.

Do I need SEO?

Lets introspect and answer these questions…

  • Are you or your brand a known name?
  • Do you offer something which nobody else offers?
  • Do people recognise your logo anywhere?
  • Do you get mobbed by fans everywhere?

If the true answer of all these questions is NO then you need SEO.

In fact, every website owner needs SEO. SEO takes the website to the top of the search result page where the website gathers more visitors. To list the advantages of SEO and SEO in India specifically, lets ponder over these points:

Increased visibility

With more than a billion websites, who is going to care for your website, unless of course you are Facebook, Washington Post, Google or Coca Cola. There are, at least, a few hundred websites all of whom are offering services or products similar to you.
In other words, you need to fight to establish your website and find clients. SEO is the weapon which takes your website to the potential buyers.

Increased ROI

Stop thinking of SEO India as an expense, it is an investment and an investment which offer the highest Return on Investment (ROI). With a small budget for SEO in India, your sales will increase manifold, giving you a very high ROI.
Increased Brand Recognition: When SEO is done right, people start to recognise your brand and website name easily because they see it often. This is one of our main endeavours as your chosen SEO Company India.

Increased Social Awareness

Our SEO India packages include basic social media optimisation and thus, yes, you will be more popular on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites.

Increased Authority

When our SEO India package takes you to the top of Google, people will start referring to you as an expert. Your brand will become an authority in your domain and it, obviously, has its own advantages.

But, why a SEO Company in India?

India is the SEO hub of the world. Obviously, there are certain advantages of SEO in India which made it the global destination.

World-Class Infrastructure

Almost every decent SEO company India have heavily invested in hardware, manpower and software to make SEO in India a truly world-class affair.

Perfect English Copywriting

India is the country with the largest number of non-native English speakers thus, whether it is communicating with your agency or writing your content, expect no less than pure perfection.

Google Certified Agencies

Every SEO company India goes for Google certification, either as an agency or individually. This trains them at par with the best in the world because a certificate from Google is, after all, a certificate from Google.

Cost Cutting

1 USD = 63 Indian rupee. So, yes, expect a lot of cost cutting in your SEO campaign when you choose a SEO company India. In other words, exploit the outsourcing benefits to the maximum when utilising the SEO in India service.

Versatile SEO Companies

To survive in the stiff competition, good SEO companies India offer almost every digital marketing and web development services. Some would go beyond and offer hosting and domain registration services as well so you need to go nowhere else.

Multiple Options

With so many SEO companies India, you can always deliberate and find the best suited one for yourself.

So, how do I start?

Answer us first: Do you have a website already, something which you are happy with?

Answer A: Yes. Great! Contact us with your digital dream and we will give it metrics, measurable goals and formulate a strategy to obtain it the soonest.

Answer B: No. No worries mate! Just tell us about your business and we will suggest 10 killer domain names (website address) to choose from. We will also get the hosting going for you. Our talented designers and coders will provide web development services and your website will be built just like you want it.

Then, we will help you to reach the top of the Google search page, where you deserve to be!

Want to know in greater details.. let us spill our beans (not, completely)

Keyword Research

We will understand your vision and marketing goals for your website and perform detailed keyword research. We will suggest only those keywords which have high searches, less competition and high conversion. Ideally, we will give you a nice mix of generic keywords (for brand awareness) and long tail keywords (for conversion).

On-Page SEO

Charity and SEO, both begin at home! We will work on every page of your website, repairing those tiny mistakes, optimising every element on the pages and plugging those tiny holes which all lead to a cumulative improvement. We will work on the images, the content, the metadata, the technical things (robots.txt for example) and more to make the website loved by Google and your visitors!

Off-Page SEO

Then, we go out, scouting for opportunities to build links from reputed, relevant and authority website, that too for the right anchor texts. Methodical approach, experience in sensing a link opportunity and content which the publishers love, we use every weapon in the book simultaneously to build a formidable link profile for your website.

Reporting & Analysis

We know some of you want to memorise every data of the campaign and some just have the time to glance over the highlights. Thus, we send out both, bi-weekly so that you can know where your SEO India campaign is standing exactly.
Moreover, we will arrange for monthly meeting of 2 dedicated hours to you so that we decide the future together.

Link Removal (Optional)

This is only required if you are a victim of choosing the wrong SEO company India previously. They might have created links which are harmful and we include a dedicated link removal process in your SEO India campaign so that you link profile is detoxed.

What Makes This SEO Company India Unique

Then you will ask what makes us unique. Surely, we are unique because

Proven track record

ACSIUS is one of those SEO companies India who is not afraid to verify the claims on past performance. Feel free to contact any client or ask us for the proof of performance. Don't take our words on it.

Vast SEO Experience

When you have successfully delivered SEO in India to hundreds of individual clients and dozens of SEO agencies from across the globe, you can call yourself experienced. We do.

Google Certified SEO Expertise

When our account managers are Google certified, we call them expert. And, each of our project managers are Google certified. You wouldn't find higher density of SEO experts in an office than ACSIUS.

All-round services

SEO in India also comes packed with all the services you might need, SMO, PPC, web development, web design, video marketing, content creation. We will even help you to pick the best domain name and help you to host it reliably.

24*7 Customer Support

Dead of night, holiday, vacations, sick grandma, festival or simple bad health.. we keep those at home when we offer support. Either that or we are more innovative with our excuses. No wonder, we have been won the “Best Client Support from SEO Company India” award.

Only Native Writers

Oh yes! Content is the king and we employ the best king-makers from around the world. We exclusively employ native writers (from Bristol, UK; Arizona, USA and France for French language) for our writing purposes.

Our SEO India Success stories

The success stories for our SEO India services are innumerable.

Gift Jaipur ( site had no SEO when it came to us. Have a look at the following Now the site has nearly 11,000 users per month, generating over 15,000 sessions (visits). On an average they visit almost 5 pages and spend no less than 5 minutes on the website. The bounce rate is way below the industry standard and yes, we are gaining new clients for Gift Jaipur a lot. In august, almost 10,000 sessions were from new visitors alone.
See how their keywords are right at the top of Google.

Rank Results:
S. No Keywords Initial Ranking 4 Nov 17
1 send chocolates to ajmer 18 1
2 send gifts to alwar 160 3
3 send gifts to ajmer 103 2
4 send cakes to jodhpur 199 1
5 send gifts to bikaner 61 1


POS Solutions ( Again, another site which came to us with high expectations from a SEO company in India. We didn’t disappoint them. Have a look at their rise to the top with our SEO in India package.

Presently, the site sees 130 visitors every day, generating well over 150 sessions. The pages per session is almost 2 and the bounce rate has been kept as low as 65%. We are also able to find more than 3600 new visitors for them every month.

Most of their preferred keywords are listed on the first page of Google. Here is the proof.

Ranking Report (
S. No Keywords Initial Ranking 4 Nov 17
1 pos solutions Not in 100 1
2 pos systems australia Not in 100 1
3 point of sales Not in 100 2
4 pos australia Not in 100 2
5 pos systems Not in 100 2

Special Agency Packaging

SEO outsourcing agencies need a reliable SEO company in India and they simply love working with us. We have previously worked for agencies from UK, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Africa and other countries.

But hey! that’s not all. We know how to sweeten the deal.

White-label SEO Services in India

Nobody will ever know that we worked on those websites. You take every credit and grow your professional reputation. We will continue to provide silent back-end support with SEO in India and make every campaign a success.

Free SEO Service

We will work on your website for FREE. You don't have to pay us anything for our SEO India package or even the web development or content creation. And yes, if you have more than one website, our offer still stands true, more or less!

No Contracts SEO India

Why use contracts when we are confident to keep you with us with our performance. We make you sign no legal deals nor our services come with those fine prints. A rare SEO company in India to offer this, publicly.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Instead, we sign the legal deal and enter a contract of never disclosing any details. We will never try to poach your clients either. Sue us if we do.

Free Trial of SEO India Packages

How about FREE SEO in India like the proverbial FREE BEER!

We offer totally Free trial of SEO (*only for agency). Here are the deals, feel free to choose anyone.

  • Give us 2 keywords for your website and 15 days time. We will work on it for FREE and once you notice the significant improvement we promised, choose us as your partner SEO company in India.
  • Get complete FREE, detailed and in-depth analysis of your website. Coming from the most prolific SEO company in India, this report is invaluable. Created using paid tools and our own expertise, this report will cost you $199 from any decent SEO company in India.
  • Free SEO if we don’t deliver on time. We commit a time-frame for your keywords to rank at the top and if they don’t, in that rare case, we will work for FREE till they do.

Introducing Performance based SEO in India

Seeing is believing. True for SEO as well. Pay us only when you see the improvements we promised you. Don’t pay a dime beforehand and wait till your keywords go sky-high, your visitor count multiplies and your revenue overflows.
We are one of the few SEO companies in India to offer Performance Based SEO services. This should tell you how confident we are of our capabilities.

Take advantage of this and pay only for performance, not for claims!

SEO Company India, Loved Worldwide

ACSIUS is the SEO company in India which has earned the trust and faith of hundreds of clients from around the world. We have changed the way people think of SEO India by taking professionalism to the next level. We have brought up our clients on Google search ahead of their competitors and helped them grow virally.
ACSIUS is a full service SEO Company India with services like Organic SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing are available as SEO Packages India and independently.

SEO is the process of enhancing the positioning of a particular website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This is also called organic, natural or earned ranking. ACSIUS, the proven SEO Agency India employs different techniques including on-page, off-page, technical, link building, image optimisation, meta and title submission and other to gain ranking. We have extensively worked for small and medium organisation and our SEO India packages have helped them gain superior ranking.

We have VERY SPECIAL OFFERS FOR SEO AGENCIES from abroad who are looking for a SEO Company India.

Enhance Your Business Potential

ACSIUS Technologies Pvt Ltd is ready to increase the ranking and traffic of your website so that it receives the attention it deserves. Our competent and skilled SEO workers will waste no time in improving your site structure before getting great links from authoritative sites.

Analysing SEO India

SEO Company India, ACSIUS, analyse the website thoroughly, as the first step, for on-site and off-site issues which might hinder the SEO progress. Called SEO audit, this is first logical step for SEO India to formulate the SEO strategy which leads to increased sales and revenue.
It gives us the advantage of being ahead of your competitors, know what they are doing and also know what your SEO India campaign requires.
Our multiple paid tools and experience combines to give you the deepest insight of SEO requirements and enable you to prioritise the endeavours ahead. No SEO Company India can start your campaign better than us.

Optimising SEO India

We optimise your website and the link profile for your chosen keywords. Our SEO company in India maintain the perfect balance to make the bot and the human users of the website happy by coding immaculately and updating the site with engaging and informative content. We don’t only bring you to the top for your chosen keywords, we also ensure that visitors convert to buyers.

It includes getting links from the high authority, relevant websites, optimising the web content and images on your website, getting the technical side ready and also updating the blog regularly.

Our SEO Company India also engage in link removal, had any prior black-hat SEO performed on your website.

How Our SEO Company Do It

Before you understand why our SEO campaigns are so successful, you need to understand what is there in our SEO mix. Our SEO package is a comprehensive solution which is proactive, aggressive and includes everything.


SEO India involves finding those keywords which have the highest search volume, closely related to your business and has high chances of conversion.


Our on-site optimisation includes repairing and optimising every element of the website including Meta, title, image, text and interlinking.


Best SEO Company of India, ACSIUS, builds the best possible links from highly related and authoritative sites by submitting articles, blogs, press releases etc.


Your SEO India campaign sends you detailed report and share monthly on metrics like keyword ranking, customer engagement, sales and revenue and other.

Growth in
keyword ranking

Increase in
Organic traffic

Increase in
Top 10 ranking

Increase in
Visit duration

Why SEO is Beneficial to Your Business?

Ranking Importance

Almost 85% of all online traffic found their destination by searching it on the internet on different search engines.

Major Search Engines

96% i.e. all the users use major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DDG for their online search

Effective strategy

SEO India allows you to target the chosen keywords for the perfect demography so your energy is streamlined.

342 billion Search Results

19 billion searches are to be performed this year, on the internet with more than 342 webpages fighting for a spot.

Bring Visitors

SEO India is designed to bring traffic to your site which consequently turns into buyers, increasing the revenue for business.

Consumer Perception

Higher ranked websites are better or more relevant websites is a perception of the users and SEO helps you exploit it.

SEO Experts

Below is your awesome team members from SEO Company India, ACSIUS, each of whom has one or more speciality in SEO India and they will all work for your project so that it receives the best professional attention leading to the ultimate success of the campaign.

Arun Singh

Arun Singh


Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar

SEO Team Leader

Raghav Raaz

Raghav Raaz

Link Expert

Deep Gujjar

Deep Gujjar

SEO Executive

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